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What's in a Name

The question has been asked time & time again.. Who are Syd & Phyllis?

Well sit tight its story time.

Syd & Phyllis are Sam's grandparents. We lost Nan (Phyllis) in 2015 & Pop (Syd) in 2016.

Pop worked most of his life on the railways, which is why the railway workshops is the perfect place for our first venture.

Before we lost Nan, Sam & I sat with her and Pop and told them we wanted to open a cafe. Nan simply said "why haven't you done it then?" Such a simple statement that turned the cogs - two days after this conversation Phyllis left us. The next 18 months we spoke about locations, names & visions for the cafe. Then we lost Pop.

We sat back and reflected on what they meant to us, which was a LOT.

Then the thought struck us! Why not honour them? 
They were the reason we fast tracked a long term goal to a short term one.

Christmas 2016 was when we found our location, April 2017 we signed our very first lease (YAY), then began the craziness of the designing, building & planning!

With both of our families having a close connection to Midland & WA we thought, what better to do than support WA and its local producers & suppliers? That simply means everything you're served is sourced right here in WA.

With our passion and love of the industry we hope to take you on an adventure when you dine at Syd & Phyllis.

Look forward to meeting you all VERY soon,

Sam & Jayde

Who are we?

We are 2 people who have fallen in love with an industry.

Hospitality, it can be a cruel, everything exposed kind of world, but it can also be the most rewarding.

That I think is what we love most about it, you always have to bring your 'A' game, so the team at S & P are doing just that.

We have a story to why we chose our name and location that holds both of us very humble to our roots, and then we draw on our experiences and now the great staff we have around us as well, so a bit about our experiences:


Jayde has been in hospitality since she was 13, starting as many do in casual work after school at a small local in Swan View, when she was 15 she moved to their sister Cafe in Bassendean, here was where she got to have her first shot on the coffee machine, and most fortunately the man behind the machine teaching her the art had just got back from his 4th national Barista comp over east. This propelled Jayde into an industry and love for coffee that has forever grown and expanded since. Moving on and into Management and Head Barista rolls until she took a break to follow her other profession and passion in Photography. 11 years on and here she is, running & operating S&P.


Sam, did his first stint in a kitchen when he was an indecisive 18yr old, a 2 week trial and South Perths Incontro, it wasn't to be. 2 years on and jobless he innocently added the same Head Chef (Peter Manifis) on facebook as a suggested friend, the next day he started work and 2.5 years later with a 9 month break in between he was a fully qualified chef. He went on to work at as many different places as he could to gain experiences that would eventually aid in the opening of Syd & Phyllis with Jayde. Since the opening Sam has started a new journey taking him away from the business. So here stands Jayde & an amazing team to lead the way. 

The Team, so far the team and Syd & Phyllis consists of a fabulously experienced group of individuals,

To learn a bit more about these guys and what they bring to our team follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and Subscribe to our email list. 

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